Responsible AI for Science and Engineering (RAISE) Group

I lead the RAISE group where I am fortunate to work with an amazing set of students and collaborators. We work on foundational topics relating to machine learning and optimization, privacy and fairness. We often ground our research in applications at the intersection of physical sciences and energy, as well as policy and decision making.

Postdocs and PhD Students

MS and BS Students

Former Students

Student Name Visit period Next known position
St John Grimbly, MS Visitor Winter 2023 PhD Student at University of Cape Town
Jayanta Mandi, PhD Visitor Summer 2023 Postdoc at Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Michele Marchiani, MS Visitor Winter 2022  
Rakshit Naidu, MS Visitor Summer 2022 PhD student at Georgia Tech
Saswat Das, BS Visitor Summer 2022 PhD student at UVA
Kyle Beiter, NSF REU Student Summer 2021 MS at Syracsue
Zhiyan Yao, BS Visitor Summer 2020 Software Engineer at Microsoft
Anudit Nagar, BSVisitor Summer 2020 Co-Founder of The Convo Space